Bridge over Adra river

Proud to have collaborated with the Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana and with the constructor ALVAC in the works of the bridge over the Adra river in Almería, Spain

IDEAM, S.A. has developed the deteiled design of the reinforcement and widdening of the structure, as well as the technical support to the Construction Management in the construction phase.

The Historic Bridge is a concrete arch with an upper deck formed by 2 triarticulated arches, with a span of 44 m and a rise of 4.40, and presents a Mesnager-type articulation. The reinforcement works have consisted of a perimeter cladding of the arch section with self-compacting concrete, as well as the execution of a new lightweight concrete slab that has made it possible to reach a total width of 10.20 m compared to the original 8.05 m.