Carlos A. Peña Chueca

Project Manager.

M.Sc. Civil Engineer. Technical University of Madrid, 1996.

President of ANEFI (2010). Performing the functions of President of the National Association of Independent Railway Constructors ANEFI (Asociación Nacional de Empresas Ferroviarias Independientes), representing Coalvi.

Prize of the SPANISH ROAD ASSOCIATION for attending the “Measures to optimize the urban mobility” seminar. 1995.

Specialist in Railway Engineering. He has developed a number of projects of public Works, Railway Infrastructure and Superstructure. Specialist in following fieds:
  Railway Infrastructures: Earth works, structures, tunnels, TBM tunnels, stations, underground stations
  Railway Superstructure: Ballast, slab track, High Speed, Metro, Tram, Railway Yards, Stations, Depot.
  Over Head Line: Renfe OHL-160, Renfe OHL-220, Tram OHL, Metro OHL (rigid)
  Signalling: Conventional Interlocks (free wires, electric, electronic).