First trial assembly of the sections of the Tlazala composite (steel&concrete) Viaduct

Last week, the first trial assembly of the Steel structure of one of the stretches of the Tlazala Viaduct was made in the COREY workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico.
It is the first of the five composite viaducts that forms part of the stretch of the Atizapán-Atlacomulco highway in Mexico.
IDEAM has made the modified detailed design of the 5 composite launched viaducts, the detailed design of the El Salto Viaduct, as well as that of the decks of 6 other concrete precast viaducts, and is carrying out the technical assistance during the execution of all the structures for OHL Mexico.
The composite viaducts, three straight and two curved, have lengths between 385 and 464 m, with a maximum width of 23.26 m and typical spans of 60 and 70 m.