Historic Bridge over the Cinca River

Last week, the works of the Reinforcement of the Historic Bridge over the Cinca River in Monzón (Huesca) promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works were completed. The works have been carried out by “Altius Geotecnia” and “Obras Especiales” and IDEAM, S.A. has developed the detailed design of the reinforcement and the widening of the structure, as well as the technical support to the Construction Management in the construction phase. The Historic Bridge over the Cinca River is constituted by a succession of 7 spans of 30.50 meters between pier axes, with a typology of a deck arch bridge, where each arch has 3 lowered arches whose original design responds to the criteria and materials of the Ribera system. The reinforcement works have consisted of a perimeter regrowth of the arch section with self-compacting concrete, as well as the execution of a new slab that, supported on the existing one, has allowed to reach a total width of 12.50 m compared to 9, 75 m from the original cross section.