Cable-stayed Pumarejo bridge over Magdalena river Barranquilla. Colombia
Barranquilla. Colombia
Cable-stayed bridge with prestressed concrete box girder cross-section with central pylons with a single family of stays. Its construction is made by balance cantilever system (the central span) and movable scaffolding system (lateral spans and approach viaducts)
National Roads Institute
Consortium SES-Puente Pumarejo (Esgamo Ingenieros Consultores, SACYR Chile y SACYR Construccion)
Analysis of construction processes. Detailed Design according to the new constructive process and Technical Assistance during the construction

2173 m
Cable-stayed bridge 800 m 70+140+380+140+70 m. Span length in approaches70 m, left access viaduct 618 m, right access viaduct 755 m
Cable-stayed bridge38.10 m. In the approached23,40 to 40,45 m
595 m