Bridge over river Tinto Huelva's Harbour. N-442 Motorway. Spain
Huelva's Harbour. N-442 Motorway. Spain
Precast concrete I-beams
Spanish Ministry of Public Works
Refurbishment Project and access reorganization

905,97 meters
29x30,73 m +14,80 m
For railway and road traffic use
Excess of platform joints and in a poor condition due to heavy traffic. Wearing course in a bad state. Lack of vehicle restraint system and neglected railing. "T" intersection in the vicinity. Executed solutions Removal of wearing course and disposition of a waterproof film. Replacement of redundant joints by continuity slabas. Construction of transverse buffers. Fitting of vehicle restrowt system. Construction of a roundabout in order to prioritize heavy traffic between outer and inner harbours.