Emergency Actions after the impact of a vehicle with the main beams of the bridge

Overpasses with insufficient height. Heavy vehicles carrying special items circulating with excess of height. Poor conditions of the pavement and excessive dynamic movements
Usual breakage of the edge beam and damage to the following beams.; Depending on the magnitude of the impact; Loss of concrete mass in the cross section; Complete breakage of the bottom flange of the beams; Partial or complete breakage of prestressing tendons; Complete or partial breakage of concrete reinforcement; Longitudinal cracks between the web and the top flange; Movement of bearing systems
Depending on the damage after the impact; Local repairing with concrete reinforcement arrangement of concrete reinforcement and increase of bottom flange passive and lower wing screed; Widened of the web and arrangement of prestressing bars; Replacing of the edge beam; Demolition of the edge beam and slab. Arrangement of the new beam and repairing of the deck.