Emergency repair works in Underpass and Zurguén Viaduct. A-66 Highway A-66 Highway, Salamanca. Spain
A-66 Highway, Salamanca. Spain
Concrete U-beam deck
Spanish Ministry of Public Works
Geocsa & Geocisa
Emergency actions Project and Works Technical Assistance

Underpass 50m - Zurguén Viaduct 194 m
Reinforced soil walls’ breakage in E-2 abutment and UP 0.0 that may lead to an instable situation of the structure. Important settlements suffered by the access embankment
Provisional girder framework. E-2 abutment’s wall stabilization by refilling the lost volume of material in the embankment and the installation of rockfill wall. Execution of a sustaining wall in E-1 abutment both in UP 0.0 and Zurguén Viaduct. E-1 and E-2 abutments of UP 0.0 and Zurguén Viaduct’s E-1 abutment underpinning using micropiles . Restoring the original elevation of the bridge by lifting its girder. Support appliances substitution. Platform waterproofing