Technical Support for the construction of the first stretch in Interurban Railway Mexico-Toluca Toluca. Mexico
Toluca. Mexico
Viaducts 2 and 4: cast in place prestressed concrete box girder built by Movable Scafolding System. Stretch with a bow-string steel arc bridge in viaduct 1E. Precast girder beams
Secretary of Communications and Transportation of Mexico (SCT)
OHL-La Peninsular Joint Venture
Technical support for the contractors during execution

Total length of the stretch 36 km, incluiding over 30 km. of structures
Typical span for precast beam spans 32 m, Typical span for cast in place concrete box girders, 55 m viaduct 2 and 64 m viaduct 4,; span for bow-string arch bridge 100 m
11,50 m
74 m viaduct 4