Palma del Río arch bridge. Córdoba, Spain

Do you know the Network typology in bowstring arch bridges?

Bowstring arch bridges can have vertical hangers, in V geometry type Nielsen, or in a Network solution with multiple crossings.

The Network-type hanger solution was devised by the Norwegian Prof. Per Tveit in the 1950s where he developed many examples.

In Spain, the largest realization of this type is the Palma del Rio arch bridge with 2 inclined steel arches braced together in the middle, with a span of 130 m and a width of 16 m. IDEAM, S.A. carried out the detailed design and the Construction Management together with Narval Ingeniería, S.A. The bridge was completed in 2007, the contractor was FCC Construcción and the steel workshop MEGUSA Metalúrgica del Guadalquivir.

More information on Network arch bridges can be found in Prof. Per Tveit’s systematic thesis in which IDEAM, S.A. participates as co-author.