We are IDEAM

We are a company of Civil Engineering specializing in the project of bridges and singular structures. Innovation, creativity, rigor and engineering development are joined in his projects from 1938, year of IDEAM's foundation. Today IDEAM constitutes a model, of recognized prestige both in our country and in the international area, in the field of the bridges, buildings, wind towers and singular structures of mixed, metallic technology, of concrete or of prefabricated systems.

Since the end of July 2016, IDEAM has established a business alliance with T.Y. Lin International, a world-renowned company in the field of engineering consulting. This partnership will not only boost the strategic growth of the two companies in international markets, but also strengthen the work of excellence which IDEAM has continuously provided to its clients.


Previous studies and viability studies
Project drafts
Detailed Designs
Technical supervision of projects


Value Engineering
Technical Assistance during the construction
Technical Assistance and Construction Management
Construction engineering and Inspection
Monitoring and load test


Maintenance and Inspection programs
Maintenance Operations
Emergency Works
Structures update

Specialized Assessment

Code Development
Participation in Scientific Committees

Selected projects

In every Project there is a story, a summary of a lot of work and the broad experience of many other people who were part of IDEAM’s team previously. The materials, the structural solutions and the constructive process are combined when success is the result.