Access footbridge to the intake tower of the Almudévar dam, Huesca. Spain

The steel structure of the access footbrige to the intake tower of the Almudévar reservoir dam is in its final phase of execution in the steel workshop.

The footbridge has 70,40 m of span, and is materialized by means of a Warren-type tubular lattice that will support the crest on the dam and on the intake tower.

IDEAM, S.A. has carried out the detailes design and is providing technical assistance for the construction joint venture formed by SACYRGrupo Lantania and SOGEOSA. The steel workshop is Horta Coslada.

The installation operation will be carried out in a complex maneuver using a big crane, similar to the operation of the footbridge of the intake tower of the Mularroya dam, with 81.45 m of span, in which IDEAM, S.A. already advised the JV SACYR – ACCIONA as technical assistance.