ADIF awards IDEAM a contract in the conventional Railway Network in Cataluña

ADIF has awarded IDEAM the contract for “Technical Assistance for the drafting of the detailed design of the infrastructure’s elements of the conventional Railway Network managed by ADIF in Cataluña”, including inspections and auscultation works and drafting of technical reports on reinforcement and rehabilitation of 6 composite (steel & concrete) bridges in the Railway Network of Cataluña.

Among the bridges object of the contract, stand out the bridge over the Ripoll River in Moncada and Reixach, a 112m long Warren-type triple steel truss girder, as well as the bridge over the Besós River located between the towns of Barcelona and Sant Adriá de Besós with more than 140 m length. “In the section there are 3 other steel truss girder bridges and one steel I girder bridge.