Advance of the cable-stayed section of the new Pumarejo Bridge

SACYR has recently published another video with the progress status of the works of the new Pumarejo bridge in Barranquilla, Colombia, a bridge that will replace the original designed by Morandi and that was completed in 1974. The cable-stayed section with 380 m of central span on the Magdalena River and 38.10 m wide will be the widest bridge in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world in its typology. The cable-stayed section is executed by equilibrated cantilever with concrete segments of 10 m in length executed “in situ”, one of the largest used in the world to date in this typology.

The main viaduct has a total length of 2173 m divided into three sections: 618 m on the left access viaduct, already executed; a central cable-stayed section of 800 m (70 + 140 + 380 + 140 + 70 m), in execution; and the access on the right margin of about 755 m, currently in execution.

The access viaducts with typical spans of 70 m are executed with M.S.S., one of the largest M.S.S. in the world, and with wing travelers.

IDEAM has carried out the modified detailed design and is carrying out the technical assistance during the execution for the SES Magdalena consortium, led by SACYR.