Alberto Brusa Echeverriarza

Buildings Department Director.

M.Sc. Civil Engineer. University of the República Oriental del Uruguay, 2000.

Civil Engineer with substantial experience as Project Director (large international projects, arenas, airports, R+D+i). Proven talent to work through a projects’ lifecycle and deliver the goals whilst maintaining quality and budget. Recognized for ability to build relationships and to achieve goals in high pressure environments. Bilingual English and Spanish and able to negotiate in Italian, Portuguese and French; led teams integrated in cultures as diverse as those of the UK, Brazil, France, Algeria, Ecuador or Italy. Exceptional trainer and mentor with skills to motivate peak individual performance from team members.

Has worked in the Execution Projects of 5 International Airport Terminals (+30M Pax/Yr.) with renowned Architects; 3 Metro Lines with more than 15 stations; 3 Stadiums, 2 high-rises (+100m) and over 100 projects of building structures.