Arch bridge over river Ebro in Logroño, Spain

Do you know the arch bridge over river Ebro in Logroño at the Connection of the A-12 Highway with the LO-20 Highway?

It is a 353 m long bridge consisting of a 233 m long access viaduct and 6 spans, and the main 120 m span bridge, resolved with a Bowsting arch bridge that was completed in 2015.

The 120 m span arch bridge has a total width of 30 m and houses two carriageways with 3 lanes and wide shoulders in each direction. The central arch with variable polygonal section forks into two sections braced together in the central area, from where the double vertical hangers that transmit the deck loads are hung.

IDEAM SA carried out the careful conception of the structure and the detialed design for the “Demarcación de Carreteras del Estado en la Rioja” of the Ministry of Transports of Spain. The construction was carried out by the JV ACCIONA – IC CONSTRUCCION, INGENIERIA Y GESTION DE OBRAS SA and the steel workshop was Talleres Centrales de ACCIONA.