“Boca del Cerro” bridge in Mexico

Since last week, IDEAM SA and VSL International Ltd. have been carrying out the characterization and detailed inspection of the impressive “Boca del Cerro” arch bridge over the Usumacinta River, in Mexico, with a span of 150 m. The bridge, which dates from 1950 and housed road and rail traffic since its inauguration, will change its use with the execution of the new Boca del Cerro bridge, which IDEAM SA has concieved and designed for Mota-Engil for section 1 of the Maya Train.

After the inspection and characterization of the existing bridge, IDEAM SA will carry out the repair and update project for Mota-Engil, adapting it to road traffic and a pedestrian area to replace the old area intended for rail traffic, extending its service life.

The new railway line of the Maya Train will pass to the new bridge with a central span of 160 m, the largest of the Maya Train, designed by means of a steel truss with double composite action, which allows to cross without supports the great span of the Usumacinta River -the mightiest of Mexico-, respecting the integration in a natural environment of extraordinary beauty and avoiding “competing” with the existing bridge, which must continue to maintain its preponderance in the landscape.

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Video: https://lnkd.in/dpvGsDac

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