Boca del Cerro bridge on the Maya Train, Mexico

This week the fourth steel truss segment on the pk- side and the first on the pk+ side was assembled.

Using a cantilever advance carriage, the steel truss segment are moved from each of the two lateral spans of the bridge to the edge of the executed cantilever and then controlled lowered to its final position. The complete assembly cycle of each steel truss segment is less than five days.

This construction procedure avoids any condition or dependence on the Usumacinta River crossing.

The new viaduct is located parallel to and very close to the impressive Boca del Cerro arch bridge, in service since 1950, and allows jumping the great span of the river Usumacinta -the largest in Mexico-, respecting its integration into a natural environment of extraordinary beauty and avoiding “competing” with the existing bridge, which must continue to maintain its preponderance in the landscape.

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Once completed, the bridge will become the largest span of all of the Maya train.

IDEAM | A TYLin Company is collaborating with Mota-Engil México, and has carried out the conception, the detailed design and is providing technical assistance during execution. Recal is the Mexican steel workshop that is executing the steel structure and VSL International Ltd. supplies the cantilever advance carriages.

ideo with assembly sequence: