Bridge of “La Concordia” in Valdebebas, Madrid

After a long night of non-stop work, with adverse weather conditions, the central segment of the bridge has been turned little by little and has been arranged parallel to its final position.

This afternoon the first transfer of the frontal support has already been made, leaving the section resting on the embankment of the elevated road of the M-12.

The teams from the constructor Ferrovial and the Construction Management IDEAM, S.A. continue to work hand in hand with the Mammoet team so that everything goes according to plan. Several phases of advance and changes of support points remain ahead, the subsequent lateral skewing and positioning in its final location.

The new “La Concordia” arch bridge of Valdebebas, in front of the Madrid airport terminal T-4, owned by Junta de Compensación Parque de Valdebebas, will soon become an icon of the capital, and with its 160 m of span will be the bridge with the biggest span in the Region of Madrid.