Carlos Ríos Frutos

Director of Renewable Energy Structure Department.

M. Sc. Civil Engineer.

Specialist in the design of support structures for wind turbines, both towers and foundations, with more than 150 turbines currently running and 100 more under construction, as well as other singular structures such the redevelopment project of the Torres de Colón building.

Wide knowledge of international codes and standards in the wind field, expert in fatigue of concrete and structural steel and structural non-linear analysis.

Member of several associations and working groups, national and international, among them CTN140/SC2 Eurocode 2, working group of the Spanish Association of Structural Engineering (ACHE) “Fatigue of structural concrete” and task group of the International Federation of Concrete (FIB) TG6.4 “Precast concrete towers for wind power generators”.

Author of different publications and articles and coauthor of the Monography 34 “Fatigue in structural concrete”, edited by ACHE, and fatigue chapter of the book “Montoya Esencial. Hormigón armado”.