Centennial bridge enlargement tender

The council of ministers, at its meeting on Tuesday, September 1, has authorized the tender by MITMA for the works contract for the replacement of stays on the “Centenario” Cable Stayed Bridge in Seville that will allow the number of lanes to be increased to 3 + 3.

The project to replace the cables for the “Centenario” Bridge will allow the structure to be rehabilitated, mainly by replacing the 88 stays with new ones with more modern technology, thereby guaranteeing the structural safety of the infrastructure.

Additionally, road safety for road users will be improved, providing a barrier separating roads in the middle and updating and improving containment systems.

IDEAM, S.A. has carried out together with Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores the detailed design for the Ministry of Public Works. MC-2 has participated as an independent checker in charge of the project supervision.

Francisco Millanes, President and CEO of IDEAM, already participated, almost three decades ago, in the original project of the bridge.