Composite High Speed Viaduct Arroyo Las Piedras, Málaga. Spain

Did you know that Arroyo las Piedras Viaduct was the first composite (steel&concrete) viaduct of the Spanish High-Speed Railway Lines?

IDEAM, S.A. conceived and developed this structural solution more than 20 years ago with deeck with a composite strcik-box girder solution, with a twin girder wit double compsoite action in hogging areas and closing the torsion circuit with discontinuous precast-slabs connected to the steel girder in sagging areas.

The Viaduct is located on the Córdoba-Málaga H.S.R.L., it was executed by ALTEC for ADIF, it was completed in 2015 and it is now 16 years old since its entry into service.

The viaduct was launched from the two abutments, it has 1220 m, spans of 63.5 m and piers of up to 96 m, which was the pier height record in a H.S.R ​​Viaduct in Spain and is still among the highest.

Almost 9 later, in France this typological solution was adopted for the Vicoin Viaduct (2014), and at present it is going to be used as a novel solution in two composite Viaducts on the English HS2.

More information about the Arroyo las Piedras Viaduct:

The Arroyo las Piedras Viaduct obtained the Certification of Nomination 2008 ECCS Award for Steel Bridges.