Composite steel concrete viaduct on the MU-30 Reguerón Highway

Yesterday a few engineers from IDEAM, S.A. visited the Horta Coslada steel workshop in Camarma de Esteruelas, taking advantage of the fact that they are manufacturing the Composite (steel&concrete) Viaduct of Avenida de Levante on MU-30, section of the “Autovía del Reguerón”, which we designed for TYPSA. The viaduct, that is being built by the JV of the companies COMSA, Vías and Constructora SanJosé, is 40 + 60 + 40 m span, a has a width of 26.30 m and the deck is materialized by 3 composite box girders of variable depth with double composite action.

As always, many thanks to Alejandro Otero from Horta Coslada and his entire team for their attention during the visit.