Composite viaducts of section 1 of the Maya Train, Mexico

The rhythms of execution in the steel workshop of the three large composite (steel&concrete) viaducts of Section 1 of the Maya Train that are currently in execution, will soon allow the first spans to start coming out towards the work.

IDEAM SA is collaborating with “LAMAT Tramo 1” Consortium, led by Mota-Engil, among a few other structures in the detailed design and technical assistance during the execution of 3 composite viaducts with a total length of about 4,990 m on Section 1 of the Maya Train, in Mexico. Viaducts of:

– Tenosique, 2,920 m long
– Candelaria, 990 m long
– Escárcega, 1,080 m long

The 3 composite viaducts will be built with a succession of multiple simply supported spans with a typical span of 40 m, with a steel twin girder cross-section connected to the upper concrete slab, closing the lower torsional circuit by means of a inferior steel bracing.

The steel workshop in charge of the execution is Recal Global and it is expected to reach record execution rates at the peak work with the transport to work from the workshop of one span per day.

IDEAM SA has accumulated, for more than 20 years, a very important experience in the design and supervision of the execution of composite railway and high-speed bridges and viaducts.

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