First circulation test over Archidona Viaduct

The Spanish Minister of Public Works supervises the circulation tests of the Antequera-Granada H.S.R.L.

The Spanish Minister of Public Works supervised the start of the tests of the Antequera-Granada High-Speed ​Railway ​Line on Friday, December 1. The first reconnaissance trip with the ADIF laboratory train circulated on the Archidona Viaduct, the longest viaduct on the Line.

IDEAM carried out the Detailed Design and the Technical Assistance to the Construction Management. The composite (steel&concrete) Viaduct of Archidona with 3150 m in length and typical 50 m spans, becomes the longest viaduct in the world for H.S.R. without intermediate joints or expansion devices.

More information  about the project and the execution of the viaduct can be found in the link: