Foorbridges of the Cycling Ring in Madrid

Do you know the three Bowstring steel footbridges of the Madrid cycling ring?

IDEAM, S.A. carried out the detailed design and the technical assistance to the contractor during the execution of the 3 footbridges that cross over three important roads that connect Madrid with the main cities of Spain: N-II (Highway to Barcelona), N-VI (Highway to Coruña ) and M-500 (Road of Castilla), all of them with high traffic intensity.

The three are Bowstring steel arch footbidges, the one on the N-II with 80 m of span has the Network type hanger system, and the other two with 60 m of span on the N-IV and 52 m on the M-500 have Nielsen type hanger system.

The footbriges were built in 2007 by ACCIONA and the steel workshop was Talleres Centrales de Acciona.