High Speed viaduct over the river Deba, Bergara. Spain

Do you know which is the concrete viaduct with the greatest span executed with MSS in a high speed railway line in Spain?

Viaduct over River Deba in Bergara, on the Y-Vasca high speed railway line, with 900 m in length and a distribution of spans 50 + 80 + 70 + 60 + 3×65 + 70 + 65 + 70 + 3×65 + 45 m, and a span of 80 m, it is the largest viaduct built with MSS in the Spanish High Speed Railway Lines to date, and one of the largest in the world. The viaduct also has tall piers, up to 86 m, and they were designed with a variable section with an aesthetically very neat cross section.

Ideam, S.A. carried out the detailed design and provided technical assistance to the contractor during execution. The viaduct was executed by Abergara JV (SACYRCAMPEZO Obras y Servicios S.A.CYCASA, Canteras y Construcciones, S.A.-Febide) for Euskal Trenbide Sarea – Red Ferroviaria Vasca (ETS). The viaduct was completed in 2015, 6 years ago.

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