HS2 adopts IDEAM solution from Arroyo las Piedras

The structural solution designed byIDEAM, S.A. almost 20 years ago, and which has been in service for more than 15 years in the Arroyo las Piedras Viaduct on the Córdoba-Málaga High Speed ​​Railway Line in Spain, and which represented the first composite (steel&concrete) solution of the Spanish HSL, has just become generalized in recent years in France, with the Vicoin Viaduct (2014, 9 years after the Arroyo las Piedras was finished) as an example of the use of the same structural solution.

The composite twin girder/strict box-girder solution, with double composite action over piers and lower closure of the torsion circuit by means of discontinuous concrete prefabricated slabs connected to the steel girders in sagging areas, executed for the first time in the world in Arroyo las Piedras, now it becomes in the model for two composite Viaducts on the English HS2.


More information about Arroyo las Piedras Viaduct:
Arroyo las Piedras Viaduct obtained the 2008 ECCS Award Nomination Certificate for Steel Bridges.