IABMAS 2020 Congress

This week, between April 11 and 18, the IABMAS 2020 congress on Bridges Maintenance, Safety and Management is taking place.

IDEAM, S.A. participates with a Keylecture by Francisco MillanesMiguel Ortega Cornejo and Ignacio Pulido Sánchez with the title: “Some lessons of more than 20 years of inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges in Spain”

In the presentation we sumarize the main pathologies detected throughout our extensive experience in the inspection and rehabilitation of bridges caused by construction failures or deficiencies in the conception of some details that could easily be corrected or even anticipated, such as: drainage and waterproofing problems ; duct grouting problems in post-tensioned concrete beams; internal corrosion of composite (steel and concrete) box bridges with sweathering steel; corbel problems; tendon corrosion in first-generation stay cables of cable-stayed bridges; problems derived from fatigue in steel bridges, etc …

We encourage those registered to watch our presentation.