IDEAM closes 2017 with 8 births

In IDEAM we close a year with projects in 14 of the more than 30 countries in which we have already worked: Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Ireland, Kuwait and Uruguay.

The best of all is that in 2017 there were 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls, with parents of our team, so we have the young blood for a few years: Miguel (son of Miguel), Juan (son of Pedro), Nahia (daughter of Jokin), Martín (son of Clara), Manuel (son of Rosa and Pablo), Antonio (son of Fernando), Vega (daughter of Virginia) and Carla (daughter of Ignacio).

We have a friend who, without being an engineer, makes layettes with the shapes of our bridges 😉