Parapets replacement of the Los Tornos viaduct A-52 Highway Sta 97-445, Zamora. Spain
A-52 Highway Sta 97-445, Zamora. Spain
Spanish Ministry of Public Works
Impermeabilizaicones Impalag, S.L.
Study of alternatives for the bridge parapets adequation in compliance with the regulations in force

The reduced thickness -0,15 m- and the weak amount of reinforcement in the original cantilever strongly conditioned the reinforcement solution for the cantilever in order to resist the forces due to the impact on the parapets. The final solution, previous an analysis of its validity from a structural point of view, consisted on a deck reinforcement with the appropriate details both locally -parapets- and globally, for the adequation of the deck to the new actions considered in the IAP-11.