Structures over the “Béjar Ravine”. A-7 Highway A-7 motorway, Lorca. Murcia. Spain
A-7 motorway, Lorca. Murcia. Spain
A-7 highway crosses the Bejar ravine by means of 4 multi-girder viaducts. 2 for the highway carriageways and 2 for the service road. Structural damages: Heavy rain on February 27 and 28, 2012 in South-Eastern Spain caused an important water rise on the ravine. The stream scoured the riverbed, causing the foundation footings under piers P6 and P7 and that under the adjacent abutment to lose the supporting ground. The abutment and pier P7 collapsed
Spanish Ministry of Public Works
Emergency inspection. Emergency repair Project. Construction Management. Reconstruction, foundation strengthering and hydraulic refurbishment (embankment)

134.10 m
16+6x16.85+16 m