Emergency actions in a Bridge connecting M-40 and M-21 Madrid. Spain
Madrid. Spain
Sapnish Ministry of Public Works
Ferrosel & Betazul
Emergency actions project technical support

119.60 m
24+2x35.80+24 m
Important and systemic presence of cracks generated by chemical effects on the concrete elements. Water stagnation in the slab’s alveolus. Insufficient torsional capacity. Irregular surface of the platform
Injection and sealing the cracks in the abutments’ strut. Augmentation of the central core of the deck’s cross-section and widening the upper part of this cross-section. Augmentation of the cross-section of P-1 and P-3 piers to improve these piers torsional coercion capacity. Support appliances substitution. Deck waterproofing and upgrading the sustaining systems