The Rt. Herb Gray Parkway Project Windsor, Ontario. Canada
Windsor, Ontario. Canada
Postensioned bridges: Lenghts between 138-242 m. Máximum spans between 48-67 m. Deck widths between 13-19 m. Precast girder bridges: Lenghts between 32-68 m. Máximum spans between 30-35 m. Deck widths between 20-40 m. Cut and cover tunnels: Lenghts between 120-240 m. Máximum spans between 20-36 m. Footbridges: Lenghts between 20-60 m. Deck widths 4m
Ontario Ministry of Transport (MTO)
Parkway Infrastructure (Acciona-Dragados-Fluor)
Independent Design Checking. Project Management and Technical Assistance during construction

From 138 to 242 m
Between 13 & 19 m