Infante D. Henrique arch bridge over the Duero river in Porto

Did you know that the Infante D. Henrique arch bridge in Porto was a milestone in the execution of concrete arch bridges?

The bridge, completed in 2002, represented a significant advance due to the magnitude of its dimensions:

– In its day, it turned out to be the second European concrete arch bridge, with a span of 280.0 m and the seventh in the world.

– It was a record in the type of laminar arches, with a constant depth of 1.50 m (approx. L / 186.7), extremely slender

– With a extremly reduced ratio rise/span (L/11.20), not seen until that date in arches of great span

IDEAM, S.A. and AFA carried out the detailed design and technical assistance during execution, and it was executed by the J.V. Necso (now ACCIONA) –Edifer