“La Concordia” bridge in Valdebebas, Madrid

Almost everything is ready to carry out the maneuver that will place the central section of the arch bridge in its final location on the M-12.

The central section of 128.65 m in length, 24.5 m in width and a total weight of about 2350 t is already on the Mammoet Mega Jacks and SPMTs with the frontal support about 13.7 m from the ground, to be able to overcome the embankment of the M-12.

The complex rotation and translation maneuver with several changes of support points, to end up skewing the central section of the bridge laterally until it is placed in its final location is expected to last for several days due to the complexity of the operation.

The teams of the constructor Ferrovial and of the Construction Management of  IDEAM, S.A. continue working so that everything goes according to plan.

The new “La Concordia” arch bridge of Valdebebas, in front of the Madrid airport terminal T-4, owned by Junta de Compensación Parque de Valdebebas, will soon become an icon of the capital, and with its 160 m span will be the bridge with the biggest span in the Region of Madrid.