“La Concordia” bridge in Valdebebas, Madrid


Ferrovial has published the video of the complex turning operation of the central section of “La Concordia” arch bridge that took place throughout the night of Wednesday 21.

The works have continued without stopping and we continue working without rest until we can position the section of 128.65 m in length, 24.5 m in width and a total weight of about 2350 t in position.

The new arch bridge of “La Concordia” will connect the Terminal T-4 of the Madrid Barajas airport with Valdebebas crossing over the M-12 Higway, with a main span of 162 m, a total length of 207 m and a width of 24.5 m, it will become a short time in an icon of the capital and will be the bridge with the biggest span in the Region of Madrid.

IDEAM, S.A. is the author of the structural conception, the detailed design and is carrying out the Construction Management for Junta de Compensación Parque de Valdebebas.