“La Concordia” bridge in Valdebebas, Madrid

The outstanding arch bridge of Valdebebas, baptized as “La Concordia” Bridge, almost ready for transfer.

After many months of hard work, and weeks completing the final operations, the jacking and loading operation of the central segment, 130 m long and 24.5 m wide, has begun.

Over the next few days the arch will be raised to allow the entry of the SPMTs with the Mammoet Mega Jacks that will perform the complex maneuver of rotation, translation with several changes of support points and lateral displacement until its placement in its final location on the M-12 Higway.

Congratulations to all the team of great professionals of Ferrovial on site and their Technical Services for the great work of all these months, and to all the fantastic team of IDEAM, S.A. that has been involved in the detailed design and those who continue to be in the Management of the works for the Junta de Compensación Parque de Valdebebas.

In a few days we hope to be able to show images with the bridge in place.