Luis Matute Rubio

C.E.O. Member of the Board of Directors.

M. Sc. Civil Engineer.

Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the Republic of Colombia.

Associate Professor of Special Steel Structures and Steel & Concrete Composite Structures at the Civil Engineering School, at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with more than 30 years in teaching experience.

World Bank expert advisor. Member of several Working Groups such as FIB-CEB (International Federation for Structural Concrete), ACHE (Spanish Association of Structural Engineering) and the Spanish Technical Road Association./br>
Wide experience in bridge projects of large and intermediate spans in all typologies (arches, cable stayed, etc.), materials (steel, concrete, composite steel-concrete, etc.) and erection methods. Expert in the design of underground structures, in earthquake-resistant design, and in signature buildings.

He has been author and co-author of a large number of papers in national and international technical journals, and conference proceedings. Author of many technical lectures and conferences presented in national and international congress and symposia.