México-Toluca Interurban Train

A few days ago, the last steel section of Viaduct 3 of the New Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train Project was placed on site.

The viaduct has been designed with composite (steel&concrete) cross section with a twin composite girder with double composite action in hogging areas with a bottom concrete slab. Viaduct´s total length is 243 m and it has 4 spans of 44.0+47.5+95.0+56.5 m.

IDEAM | A TYLin Company has carried out the modified detailed design and the technical assistance during the execution for the steel workshop Recal , in charge of manufacturing the steel structure.

The bridge deals with important interferences crossing multiple roads in service and conditions that have required a complex construction process. With the placement of the central section, the steel structure is finished and ready to continue with the rest of the tasks: placement of lower precast slabs, reinforcement and pouring of concrete of the bottom and top concrete slab.

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