Miguel Ortega


Engineering Director. Member of the Board of Directors.

M. Sc. Civil Engineer, “Technical University of Madrid (ETSICC y P. UPM)”, 1997.

Associate Professor of Steel and Composite Bridges and Structures. “Technical University of Madrid (ETSICC y P. UPM)”.

Member of European "Horizontal Group Bridges", on behalf of CEN/TC250/SC-3 (Eurocode 3).

Member of the Eurocode Project Teams: EN 1994-1-1, EN 1994-2, EN 1990-A2 and EN 1991-1-5. President of the Spanish Mirror Subcommittee CEN/TC250/SC-4 of Composite Structures.

Member of the Spanish Project Teams of the Codes: IAP-11, PG-3, National Annexes of Eurocodes EN- 1990, EN- 1991 and Structural Code.

Member of the board in ACHE and Chair of the Events Committe (Spanish Association of Structural Engineering).

He has participated in the publishing of 4 books, 24 articles in national and international technical magazines and 53 articles in minute books of scientific-technical conferences. He is the author of 63 technical submissions in symposiums and national and international conferences.

He also has been the responsible of the draft of more than 100 road and high speed railway bridges, and 5 big outstanding buildings with a total surface of more than 200.000 m2.