Litfing of the Footbridge of the Mularroya dam

Last Monday, September 24, the steel footbridge which gives access from the coronation of the Mularroya dam to the control tower was lifted. The footbridge has a span of 81.45 m, it is a tubular lattice of 68 t of total weight, and the hoist at about 70 m of height was made by means of a single crane type Crawler LR 1600/2 of 600 t of capacity.


The detailed design of the footbridge is of Acciona Engineering, the manufacture in workshop has been in charge of Horta Coslada, the assembly and hoisting has been made by Talleres Centrales de Acciona and the construction company is the Mularroya J.V. formed by the companies Sacyr and Acciona. IDEAM has collaborated with the J.V. in the technical support tasks overseeing the detailed design and assisting technically throughout the process of execution and assembly on site.

In the same section, IDEAM has carried out the detailed design and the technical assistance of the Mularroya viaduct, completed months ago.

We want to congratulate all the team of the J.V. and the steel workshops involved in the manufacture of the footbridge for the fantastic result.