New Boca del Cerro bridge, on the Maya Train. Mexico

IDEAM, S.A. is collaborating with Mota-Engil in the detailed design of the New Boca del Cerro Bridge over the Usumacinta River, in Mexico, in section 1 Palenque-Escárcega of the Mayan Train.

The new bridge is located parallel and very close to the impressive Boca del Cerro arch bridge, in service since 1950.

The typological and structural solution chosen for the new Mayan Train bridge has started from the condition of seeking the greatest possible transparency, solving the central span of 160 m by means of a steel truss with double composite action (steel&concrete), which allows to bridge without supports the great span of the river Usumacinta -the largest in Mexico-, respecting the integration into a natural environment of extraordinary beauty and avoiding “competing” with the existing bridge, which must continue to maintain its preponderance in the landscape.

The large central span is embedde at the ends by means of two lateral short hidden spans of 30 m, with a post-tensioned concrete box girder cross-section, anchored in abutments, and will be executed by cantilever advancement using a mobile gantry that avoids any dependence on the riverbed

The viaduct is in the initial phases of the excavations and is expected to become the bridge with the longest span of the Mayan Train.

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