New Valdebebas bridge

We have recieved several comments showing interest and requesting additional information about the new singular arch bridge of Valdebebas.

The paper we presented in 2011 at the V ACHE Congress clarifies almost all issues received.

IDEAM, S A. is the author of the structural conception that was the winner in the competition that took place in 2007, is the author of the detailed design and is carrying out the Work Management for the Junta de Compensación Parque de Valdebebas and Ferrovial is the constructor.

In this aerial image, courtesy of Ferrovial, you can see the location where the central section is been temporary executed, parallel to the M-12, and the final location of the bridge, with the starts in abutments already completed, waiting to receive the central section. The bridge will give access from Valdebebas to Terminal T-4 of Madrid Airport, at the background of the image.