Opening Line 3 Guadalajara Light Rail

On September 12, Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Train was opened in Mexico.

IDEAM, S.A. has collaborated with the construction company Grupo OHL carrying out the detailed design project optimizing the deck of Viaduct 2, as well as the Technical Support for the construction of Viaduct 1 and its Elevated Stations, designed by SENER, which in turn has carried out the Project Management of the entire line during its execution.

Viaduct 2 has a total length of approximately 6.5 km, and is made up of a succession of composite (steel&concrete) simply supported spans between 29 and 43m span and continuous sections of 2 or 3 spans with spans between 20 and 51 m.

The cross section of the decks of the composite bridges consists of a central box girder of 9.80 m wide, with lateral ribs of approximately 3.5 m, separated longitudinally between 3 and 4 m.

Congratulations to all the Companies that have participated in this great project.
(Photos courtesy of OHL México)