Progress of the three composite viaducts of Section 1 of the Maya Train in Mexico

For a few days now, Recal Global has begun to transport to work the complete steel structure of the 40 m simply supported spans of the Tenosique composite (steel&concrete) Viaduct, 2,920 m long, in Section 1 of the Mayan Train. Transportation exceeds 1,330 km distance.

The composite viaduct, designed by IDEAM SA, will be built with a succession of multiple simply supported spans of 40 m, with a steel twin girder cross section connected to the upper concrete slab, closing the lower torsion circuit by means of a steel bracing.

IDEAM SA is collaborating with the LAMAT Section 1 Consortium, led by Mota-Engil, and Recal Global is the workshop in charge of executing the steel structure. IDEAM SA has carried out the detailed design and technical assistance during the execution of the 3 composite viaducts of Section 1 of the Mayan Train with a total length of about 4,990 m, along with other smaller structures.

The 3 main Viaducts are:
– Tenosique, 2,920 m long
– Candelaria, 990 m long
– Escárcega, 1,080 m long

IDEAM SA accumulates, for more than 20 years, a very important experience in the design and support during the execution of composite railway and high-speed viaducts.