Rehabilitation of the “Práxedes Mateo Sagasta” School in Logroño, Spain

The “Práxedes Mateo Sagasta” School in Logroño, Spain, has around 15,000 square meters of educational space located in a building that is almost 130 years old. From 2019 to date, IDEAM, S.A. has collaborated with the JV Dragados SA-QODA performing construction and value engineering services in the execution phase of the complete remodeling of the building including, among other challenging interventions, the execution of a new basement for the south wing, while safely maintaining the 1890 protected facade.

After a little more than two intense years of work, the works are close to completion. The façade was propped up and supported while the new basement was completed, and the two inner patios have been completely rebuilt. At present, the execution of the steel structure that will cover the patios is being completed.

As is usual when it comes to rehabilitating old buildings, construction engineering required a reflective structural intervention and close monitoring of all activities.