Sabiñánigo viaduct on the A-23 in Huesca, Spain

Work on the Sabiñánigo Viaduct (structure E-4) over the Gállego and Aurín rivers on the Mudéjar Highway (A-23), in Huesca, Spain, is beginning to pick up pace.

The Viaduct is 933.7 m long, 25.10 m wide and has a span distribution of 9×90+74+49.70 m and is built with a large post-tensioned concrete box girder with variable depth and precast concrete lateral struts that serve as support for the large lateral cantilevers of the slab.

At present, almost all the foundations have already been completed and the execution of the pier elevations and the on-site assembly of the Movable Scaffolding System (M.S.S.) that will build the central post-tensioned concrete box girder from abutment 2 to abutment 1 has begun. The large lateral cantilevers of the upper slab of the cross section will be executed in the second phase with a wing traveller.

The first large lateral span of 90 m, conditioned by the location of the Gállego river and the steep slope located next to abutment 1, and the 90 m type spans represent the world record for deck executed using M.S.S.

The work is being carried out by the JV Rover GrupoGrupo Aldesa for the Spanish Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana, the supplier and responsable of the execution of the deck with M.S.S. for the JV will be Grupo TecoZam, and IDEAM SA has carried out the modified detailed design for the JV and is providing Technical Assistance during execution.

We are looking forward to seeing the M.S.S. assembled and executing the impressive spans of 90 m.

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