Sigüés Viaduct Inspection

This week the IDEAM, S.A. inspection team has carried out the inspection of the Sigüés Viaduct, in the A-21 Highway, within the joint venture contract with Eptisa for the “Carrying out of main and special inspections and inventory and updating of inventories of existing passage works within the management system of the state road network. Lot 2 East ”with the Spanish Road Administration of the Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana.

IDEAM, S.A in its day carried out the Detailed Design and the Technical Assistance during the execution for Isolux Corsán Corvián.
The composite (steel&concrete) Viaduct, completed in 2015, has 989 m and spans of 64.50 + 10 x 86 + 64.50 m and a total width of 25.30 m.

The cross section of the deck is materialized by a composite box girder with lateral inclined struts, with a single composite action in sagging areas and a double composite action in the hogging area over piers.

The viaduct was designed so that it could be visited and the heads of the piers could be accessed from the inside in order to inspect and maintain the bearings.

The inspection has been completed with the use of a drone.