We are IDEAM

IDEAM is a Civil Engineering Consultancy Company specialized in bridges and singular structures. Innovation, creativity, rigour and technical development have been a staple in IDEAM's projects since 1938, year of the Company's foundation.

In the 70's and 80's, IDEAM's activity envolved around the engineer PhD Eng. José Antonio Fernández Ordóñez, one of the most recognized Spanish bridge designer of the last century, who undertook numerous singular, technically innovative and ultramodern projects in his conception, design and construction, with special care and attention to the formal and aesthetic aspects.

From 1990 to 2021, IDEAM has been directed by Francisco Millanes Mato, who was also a Chair Professor of Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges and Structures at the E.T.S.I. Caminos, Canales y Puertos (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

Since 2022 the management of IDEAM cames into the hands of Luis Matute Rubio, CEO and Miguel Ortega Cornejo, COO together with Francisco Millanes Mato as Honorary President. Along with this, there is a powerful team of engineers with extensive experience in the design, construction and maintenance of structures.


They are the responsible for the training of the younger promising engineers, who join IDEAM´s staff. The training is wide-ranging, aimed at acquiring experience in the project and execution of concrete (on-site and precast), metallic and composite (steel & concrete) structures.

It can be said that today IDEAM constitutes a model of renowned prestige both in Spain and in the international area in the field of bridges and singular structures dealing with (steel-concrete composite), steel, cast-in-place concrete and precast concrete technology.

Since the end of July 2016, IDEAM has established a business alliance with T.Y. Lin International, a world-renowned company in the field of engineering consulting. This partnership will not only boost the strategic growth of the two companies in international markets, but also strengthen the work of excellence which IDEAM has continuously provided to its clients.

IDEAM's principal specific fields of action:

Road bridges and Viaducts, Motorways, Railways and High-speed Lines
Pedestrian Footbridges
Singular Buildings (High Buildings, Stadiums, Sports Centers, etc.)
Industrial Buildings
Train and Metro stations
Port Structures
Wind towers and structures for renewable energies

Main clients

Public Administration
Public and Private Entities
Construction Companies
Steel Workshops
Precast concrete manufacturing companies
Civil Engineering Consultancy Company
Industrial Engineering Consultancy Company

International Presence